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About us


Elmalgal Limited Liability Company is founded on the basis of Elektrobudowa S.A. structures in the year 2000.


Using the basis of Elektrobudowa’s assets and employees our Company established manufacturing and service facility with modern machinery and crew of extensive experience.


A vision of our Company is to provide to our Customers a complex products and services of high quality by a continuous increase of our knowledge and investments in area of new technologies, process engineering and data processing systems. That allows our Company  to obtain a high quality of services, advanced  organization standard and a market level of our prices.


We do cooperate with both local and foreign contractors.
We intend to build lasting and stable business relationships to our customers.


We do intend all our products and services to be estimated by all our Customers as a high quality and professional ones. Additional we try to raise very stable and solid business relations with our Customers as well as a strong market position for our Company.

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